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Juliet and Marna are growing tasty thing
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26th-Mar-2007 11:10 am - help in balcony planting
hello, i would like to plant a few tasty things to grow on the balcony like tomatos or maybe garlics or something?

i am planning to go to B&Q and get some POTS and COMPOST and SEEDS and a WATERING CAN and start this. any advice / ideas?

also memo to me: speak to lady downstairs about planting stuff in actual garden and getting a compost bin from the council.

additional memo to me: repot aloe vera plant, and sort out dead herbs from herb box, add some more compost.

sorry i missed allotmenting yesterday, i was stuck in several good books in addition to not putting the clock forward in time :S
19th-Mar-2007 12:08 pm - State of the 'llotment.
Leonard Cohen Rocks!
We did all the work yesterday. Here is what's happening on the allotment:

Snow peas are too big for their hats, and have been given string to climb.
Broad Beans are popping their heads up out of the ground.
Blueberry bush has been transplanted into a bigger pot.
Apple tree (Tree!) is planted.
The old box has been dismantled.
The new box has been bought and built and filled with stuff.
All the fruit plants are waking up.
The garlic is growing big and tall.

Things that need doing in the next few weeks:

Plant seeds. Parsnips, particularly. What other seeds should be going in, julietk?
Plant potatoes - we're trying for a crop of a Pink Fir Apple/Desiree cross, and a crop of Yukon Gold.
Mantle the little greenhouse, because I want to try giving some things (tomatoes, mostly) headstarts in a warm and sheltered place. (Also dig out seed trays from home for this purpose.)

What else needs doing?

Who wants to come allotmenting next weekend? (And would you rather allotment on Saturday or Sunday?)
5th-Dec-2006 08:53 pm(no subject)
allotment weeding

A review of this year: what we planted and how it went.

lots of plant-related information under here!Collapse )
12th-Sep-2006 10:38 pm - Produce show report
Leonard Cohen Rocks!
Our parsnip was out-parsniped by a Very Long Parsnip Indeed. Our other produce was also out-produced by other produce. (Parse(nip) that (produce) sentence!) So no prizes (other than eating the tasty food, and isn't that prize enough).

catsgomiaow has photos of the Longest Parsnip, and lots of other tasty veggies. And of the judging. And probably of Ernie's dogs.

We entered: longest parsnip, best parsnips, best tomatoes, best potatoes, and best other veg times two (a butternut squash and the elephant garlic).

Some notes on the proceedings:

I did notice that our entries looked more organic* than a lot of the others.

Ernie (our next-allotment-neighbour, and president of the horticultural society) won Best Allotment. A glance at the Best Allotment thingum shows that Ernie has won best allotment more times than everyone else put together EVER, I think. I didn't count.

I want to know where allotment produce show judges come from.

Also, the judge said that he was impressed by the quantity and quality of nummy things on show. There were lots more entries than last year.

Me and catsgomiaow thought that next year we could have our own Produce Day Event, which would be taking the day off and having fun harvesting and cleaning and buffing up the very fresh veg. This year all our entries had to live in the fridge for a few days, because there was no way I'd be home in time to harvest them.

Looking at piles of fresh veggies can make two vegans hungry enough to turn rubbish and eat the biscuits.

Produce shows are FUN, especially when you're on gardening-talk-terms** with most of the people there.

My friend Charlie (we bonded over the tadpoles - he has the allotment by the pond) won Best Garden (I think).

We didn't win anything in the raffle.

We need to remember to go to allotment meetings, because it's fun to talk veggies.

When we came home we roasted most of the non-prize-winning squash (stuffed with tomatoes and garlic and herbs - NUM) and also roasted potatoes. Kemp's Law has been disproved because I have roast potatoes (and also squash) left over for tomorrow's lunch. (This is really because two of the three diners were feeling poorly. Or possibly because I did roasted herb potatoes instead of garlic rosemary roasties.)

Edit: Actual Allotment News - we appear to be asparagus-beetle-free. Hurrah for squishing them and all their offspring. With tweezers!

* More interesting! We entered the only three-legged parsnip.

** An example of this (from a few weeks back):
'Evil bindweed is taking over my allotment.'
'Ah, you need a spray for that. Spray it on the leaves.'
'We're trying to be organic.'
11th-Sep-2006 12:26 am - Adventures (and parsnips)
Leonard Cohen Rocks!
We had Allotment Adventure today. We wandered to Peckham and found a Fantastic Place, and also found that we couldn't have Free Trees until December. But we have booked ourselves on a HERB WORKSHOP for next Sunday morning.

Then we went to the allotment and weeded and whatnot, and chose a squash for the produce show, and dug up some potatoes for same, and thought it might be fun to dig up parsnips for that too. And we have parsnips the size of houses! The Longest Parsnip is over a foot long, and the others not far behind. I spy victory in the parsnip-based categories. (The prize-monies to be spent on drinks for the diggers-uppers, because getting the taprootish things out of the ground was A Job and then some.) (The 'snips themselves will be stored until the Allotment Harvest Feast (All such things delayed until co-chief-allotmenter julietk is back.)) And then we came home and had allotment chard, and non-allotment roasties, and allotment crumble. And wine and Rolling Stones and Beatles songs.

In the show shall be Tomatoes, Potatoes, Squash, Parsnips (twice) and the heffalump garlic. It's on Tuesday. I shall report back.
9th-Sep-2006 11:06 pm - Plang for tomorrow's allotment!
Leonard Cohen Rocks!
Allotment adventure ahoy!

I have a PLANG, and it involves going to Sunny Peckham and claiming a Free Tree for the allotment. (Or a free wild rose bush, in this case.) We have to go to the London Wildlife Trust place in Peckham (details here) which might make for an entertaining adventure anyway. We shall get the Trusty 381 to the place and then walk down Rye Lane to the place, and THEN, back to the 'llotment (poss pausing for greasy spoon goodness) for weeding and harvesting and (most important!) deciding which squash we shall enter in the produce show on Tuesday. And after that, probably back to mine haus for roast potatoes and rhubarb crumble.

Joining in along the way is fine - text the sheep to find out where we are. Come to mine haus for 1pm, and we *will* be leaving at half past at the LATEST. We should be back at the allotment by 3.30pm at the latest. Possibly well before that.
25th-Aug-2006 11:55 am - Allotment
Leonard Cohen Rocks!
Who's up for a spot of bindweed, dandelion and asparagus beetle massacre this weekend? I'll definitely be popping down for a spot tomorrow, and can do Sunday as well.

Allotment news:

We have asparagus beetles. They are laying eggs all over our baby asparaguses. I am crushing the beetles and eggs with tweezers. It's beetle WAR!

I can't wait to see how my baby peas are doing. Some of them had germinated by last week. I am hoping for a big September Sugar-Snap Harvest.

Last week we also planted winter spinach, chard, and pak choi. We're hoping to get all that good greenery to eat for most of the winter - we've invested in a polytunnel to keep the little leaves safe from cold.

Must think soon about things that need autumn planting. That includes - sorting out the strawberries and runners, putting some broad beans in, and also some peas, and getting garlic and onions planted. Also, TREES!

And I want to plant some more bulbs, because spring flowers are the most cheerful thing when it's still cold and damp and dark. When should wild rose bushes be planted? I want to put some against the fence, for shelter and also prettiness and rose hips.
18th-Aug-2006 03:06 pm - Allotment?
Leonard Cohen Rocks!
If there's a rain-free patch tomorrow, anyone fancy allotmenting?

I am not bothered about the when, as long as there's enough light for me to see and SQUISH the asparagus beetle eggs. (The asparagus must grow for a few years before anybody may it eat. The beetles are not respecting this rule.)

(there is prob also allotmenting on Sunday)
7th-Aug-2006 11:06 pm - Organising things
allotment has a shopping list of things it wants/needs in the next few months.

A tool storage box. Ideally a metal one, as there may be a rat living in the tatty old wooden one we inherited. (Ernie reckons there is because his dogs are terribly interested in it.) A filing cabinet would work. Would a rat bother chewing into a plastic box, given that there are plenty of other hidey-holes requiring less work? I want there to be shelves in the new one.

A polytunnel, for protecting chard and whatnot over winter.

Seeds! For winter greenery. Chard and pak choi, and similar.

Garlic, for planting in October. Also overwintering onion sets for early summer onions.

An apple tree and a pear tree. Super-dwarf ones. I want the pear tree to be a Doyenne du Comice, because NUM NUM NUM pears.

Juliet? Do you have a proper shopping list?

The allotment also has a to-do list.

Death To Bindweed Day should happen soon, because the bindweed is getting everywhere. I want to have a couple of hours and lots of people, and have us concentrate on pulling up every scrap of it that we can.

Peas want planting. The HDRA site suggests that an autumn crop of peas might be possible - I'm going to plant another batch of sugar-snaps (they grow up very fast) and test this theory out. The ground's not being used for anything else, and I have seeds, so I think it's worth a go.

Potatoes will need harvesting soon, possibly? What about parsnips?

Also squashes. I did some reading. The big green ones should be shown some sunshine, and as soon as they turn the right colour we can pull them off the plant for straightaway eating. (They should languish in the sun for ages if we're storing them.)
allotment is also looking forward to the allotment feast, and suggests that we hold it on the 21st of September. (Although the 23rd is a Saturday, and possibly more suitable, being neither a school day or night.) That way it can coincide with other stinking hippy activities. We *should* have borlotti beans and tomatoes - Bean Soup? I really want to make Bean Soup! - also squash, potatoes, possibly parsnips, carrots and beats, and hopefully still chard and spinach, and possibly possibly some peas. And rhubarb and blackberries for dessert.
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