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Juliet and Marna are growing tasty thing
Seeds we are buying 
10th-Jan-2009 05:18 pm
We are buying, for to plant:

corns (km)
squish (km)
leeks (km)
banana shallots (km)
broad beans (km)
flagelot beans (m)
french beans (km)
snow peas (km)
sugar snap peas (km)
beetroots (k&m)
carrots (m)
parsnips (km)
spuds x 2 (km)
tomatoes x2 (km)
chard (km)
courgettes (km)
pak choi (km)
kale (k)
creeping thyme between slabs (m)

(shared between allotment and can_i_dig_it.
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