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Juliet and Marna are growing tasty thing
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18th-Mar-2010 03:52 pm - Spring planting started
get an allotment, eco
So far this month:
* A couple of rows of chard.
* A couple of rows of parsnips.
* A row of beetroot.
* A row of carrot (hope springs eternal...)
* Couple of rows of peas of various sorts.
* Peas and beans overwintered on the balcony have been planted out.

To do in the next couple of weeks:
* More chard, beetroot, parsnips, peas.
* Dig out the final enormous lumps of bramble-in-the-wrong-place (I meant to do this before).
* Plant out potatoes, currently chitting in the living-room.
* Get some of those bits of pallet down as raised beds.
* Tidy up the random piles of compost.
* Dig out the stuff that has (hopefully) become compost.
* Possibly turn some of the blackberry cuttings into mulch, but this is a bit of a PITA to do, involving as it does secateurs & quite a lot of time.
25th-May-2009 11:49 pm - SLUGS!
Allotment today. I earthed up the spuds, weeded a lot, and despaired at the broad beans. AND MET A LEOPARD SLUG! They are famous on the internets, and very pretty.
13th-Apr-2009 11:49 pm - What's sproutin'

In The Ground are shallots (starting to appear), leeks (in varying stages, and transplanted to a more sensible place, paws crossed for their survival), some potatoes (terpomoj, in Esperanto) and early peas, broad beans (both getting going proper now).

In The Pots are tomatoes (two varieties, just sprouting), courgettes (two varieties), pak choi, creeping thyme for the pathways, carrots, parsnips and beetroots.

In The Planning (Ground) are maincrop terpomoj (should have been in this weekend but weather), sugarsnap peas, french beans, moar carrots and parsnips (might as well try to use the rest of the seed), leeks.

In The Planning (Pots) are butternut squish, sweetcorns.

In The Forgotten: TELL ME! I HAVE FORGOT!

In The Perennial: Rhubarb already yielded two harvests, rasps looking mental, bramble in world domination fight, strawbs all over the place (catsgomiaow and friend_of_tofu, would you like some runners? They won't give you more than a few berries this year, but should be properly productive next year), pear tree all ablossom and apple tree all abud, blackcurrant and blueberry budding. And we et the first sparrowguts. Some of it was bitter (say ppl - I think that was the taller stringier stuff) but mine was awesome.

In The Incedentials: Transplanted foxgloves all died! Under the apple tree is foxgloveland now, though - happy bees! Roses still not dead. Lavender gone all forest-like. Daffs daftly cheering in Feb. (I am planning to plant more this autumn.)

In The Beasts: New Beast: Red Velvet Mite. It is Friend. I do not *think* the asparagus beetles have appeared again yet, but we plan to live in harmony with them. Many cute slugs and snails in evidence - uon has been doing wrong to them, but later sending them to live in the comfrey. Ants have appeared. DETH TO ALL ANTS!

In The Fight Against Weed: boyofbadgers and uon and dogrando de-weeded awesome well, and the allotment is not more non than weed.

In The Deliciousness Of The Compost: We attacked the underbelly of the compost bin for nommies, and it did not disappoint! Rich and dark and teeming with worms and other creatures and smelling very fine indeed.

In The Potting Of Things: I have system! Empty juice tetrapaks (The tall sort, at least) can have one side cut off, and so become a structurally-sound, waterproof place to put tiny paper rolls of compost. A miniature whisky bottle is just the right size for rolling a small pot around. Southwark Life makes very good potting material. Larger-needing plants can have toilet rolls. I should photo them! I might wait until there's been more sprouting and germinating.

In The Naming Of Paragraphs I May Have Gotten Carried Away.
10th-Jan-2009 05:18 pm - Seeds we are buying
We are buying, for to plant:

corns (km)
squish (km)
leeks (km)
banana shallots (km)
broad beans (km)
flagelot beans (m)
french beans (km)
snow peas (km)
sugar snap peas (km)
beetroots (k&m)
carrots (m)
parsnips (km)
spuds x 2 (km)
tomatoes x2 (km)
chard (km)
courgettes (km)
pak choi (km)
kale (k)
creeping thyme between slabs (m)

(shared between allotment and can_i_dig_it.
14th-Oct-2007 07:11 pm - Allotment: planting timetable 2007/8
baby rhubarb!

This is a work in progress...

What to plant whenCollapse ) Seeds we have/needCollapse )

I'll order seeds next week. have ordered, except for snow peas and broad beans which will order from Tamar Organics tomorrow as their website seems not to like Macs.

2nd-Oct-2007 04:37 pm - Allotment planning!
allotment weeding

Right: one reason why this was not as good a year (other than the weather...) was a certain lack of organisation. So this year, we are doing Organised Planning right now!

The idea is to spend this Sunday (Oct 7th) as follows:
11am-ish: go down allotment, lift potatoes, other similar jobs. Poss break out storm kettle.
afternoon: sit round in my house with mugs of tea, biscuits, etc, making decisions about planting things, the Raised Bed Problem, composting issues, etc etc.

Anyone wishing to assist with any of this (or indeed just sit around & drink tea :-) ) is more than welcome!

Things on the list:

  • I had an Idea for in-place composting.
  • How to reorganise the beds so that we can put all the bits of wood down & make them raised beds.
  • What to plant.
  • What to do about the strawberries & when we need to do it.
  • Should we be pruning any of the fruit bushes/canes?
  • Splitting the rhubarb clumps?
  • When To Do Things.
  • Order pear tree?
  • Manure!

Anyone think of anything else?

13th-Aug-2007 04:15 pm - Things to do before next spring
baby rhubarb!

And another post, because I've thought of a handful of things that need doing before next year:

  • Sort out raised beds (i.e. get enough planks, wood, etc to fence all beds off).
  • Manure.
  • Consider cone composting (you can use several small cones & dot them around the beds, then you don't need to touch them after that as they just carry on rotting down into the soil & feeding it).
  • Investigate the need for pruning of soft fruit, various.
  • Proper plan for planting etc (we were a bit lax this year).
  • Consider ground cover - should we plant more nasturtiums etc under more of the veg?

(Again, other thoughts welcome, & I'll prob come back to this post.)

13th-Aug-2007 04:13 pm - Miscellaneous notes
baby rhubarb!

It struck me at the weekend that it would be useful to have a post with a collection of Useful Notes to bear in mind for the future.

Things that occurred to me so far (some of these are probably things that we will remember anyway, but still):

  • When putting in tomatoes, put a stake by each baby plant, & tie them up as they grow; rather than suddenly having to disentangle Tomato Jungle a month in.
  • Carrots do better in drills than scattered.
  • Pinch out squash side-tips to avoid Squash Jungle.
  • Courgettes & squash shouldn't be planted near each other as it all gets a bit tangled.
  • Hats for baby plants are useful!
  • Space between potato plants: useful as it means you can earth them up, *but* I'm not actually sure that the yield has altered that much per plant, so maybe better to grow 'em closer together & get more plants in?

(marnameow, I think as moderator you can edit this post; anyone else with comments should, er, comment!)

16th-Jul-2007 12:01 am - Pictures
I took the camera down the allotment earlier, and took some pictures before weeding. They are here.
Leonard Cohen Rocks!

Leeks: April
Garlic: Growing already


We are not growing brassicas because they are badly behaved beasts.


Broad beans: Growing
Snow peas: Growing
Sugar snaps (1): Planted today
Sugar snaps (2): April
French beans: Late April


Potatoes: Waiting for them to turn up - asap
Tomatoes: Need to start off indoors now-ish


Carrots: Late April
Parsnips: Planted last week
Beets: Late April


Squash: May
Courgettes: May


Sweetcorn: May (with the beans and peas)
Chard: Late April
Pak Choi: Mid June onwards
Turnip greens: Mid June onwards

Other things growing include:

Apple tree (!), asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, rhubarb, alpine strawberries, and lots of flowers!

What have I forgotted?
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