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Juliet and Marna are growing tasty thing
Allotment: planting timetable 2007/8 
14th-Oct-2007 07:11 pm
baby rhubarb!

This is a work in progress...

Planting timetable

  • Autumn:
    • Land cress
    • Elephant garlics
    • Broad beans
  • Late Feb:
    • Parsnips
  • Mar/Apr:
    • Leeks (blue and yellow
    • Chard
    • Beetroot (till mid-June)
    • Carrot (till mid-summer)
    • Tomatoes x 2 types (in trays to germinate then pot up, harden and plant out)
    • Tomatillos (as tomatoes)
    • Mange tout
  • Late Apr/early May:
    • Cherokee French bean
  • May:
    • Sweetcorn - inside in modules as it needs >18degC soil to germinate, then plant out.
  • mid-June - Aug:
    • Turnip greens
    • Pak choi

Seeds we have

  • Roots:
    • Parsnip
    • Turnip greens (not strictly a root but should prob be in that rotation)
  • Beans etc:
    • Cherokee French beans
  • Alliums:
    • Elephant garlic offshoots
    • Leeks (blue and yellow)
  • Other:
    • Courgette (but only 5 seeds so need another packet)
    • Land cress
    • Pak choi

Seeds/plants needed

  • Roots:
    • Carrots
    • Beetroot
  • Potatoes (ordered: Charlotte and Cosmos)
  • Beans etc:
    • Broad beans
    • Snow peas
    • Mange tout
  • Alliums:
    • Onion sets? (update: no)
  • Other:
    • Sweetcorn
    • Tomatoes
    • Pear tree!

I'll order seeds next week. have ordered, except for snow peas and broad beans which will order from Tamar Organics tomorrow as their website seems not to like Macs.

14th-Oct-2007 08:04 pm (UTC)
blue leeks OMG!!! how awesome!
15th-Oct-2007 10:43 am (UTC)
They're not actually blue - we grew some already. They're quite tasty though! And they have successfully self-seeded which pleases me :)
15th-Oct-2007 09:54 am (UTC)
oh, i was going to say i have some spare seeds, but not anything on yr list (except beetroot, but i'm keeping them as they WORKED ;)).

is it right that my tomatoes are still producing fruit by the way? i know they went out late, but still...

i'm trying to decide whether to plant anything else just now as we're on the verge of putting the house up for sale, although it might be nice to have *something* growing rather than just empty beds when ppl come round to look...
15th-Oct-2007 10:42 am (UTC)
Ours are as well, but I've just harvested all of them as a) some were going a bit funny on the plant & b) frosts *surely* must be coming up soon...

You may be able to ripen any green ones on the kitchen windowsill, or you can make green tomato chutney! (Which I am doing tonight - there's a good recipe on the bbc site, try google.)

Not that much that'll actually come up if you plant stuff now. Land cress, apparently. The beans won't do much till the spring (they may just poke their heads up).
17th-Oct-2007 06:32 pm (UTC)
The cherry tomato plants on my balcony are still producing new tomatoes. It must be the soft weather :)
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